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Our research interests

The included sub-projects consist of different cases of civic action, which have been carefully chosen to reflect the variety of crises that civil society actors respond to and different ways of responding to them across countries and geographical scales.


There is an urgent need to link civil society research with analyses of multiple crises, including not only the crisis of democracy, but also ecological threats and economic (neo)liberalism on various geographical scales. This project responds to this need by analysing the dynamic interaction between structural crisis conditions at various scales (which include global, transnational, national, municipal, and local spaces), citizens’ own life-stories and affects, and forms of collective action/organising.


For the oppressed housing is always in crisis (Madden & Marcuse 2016). But how do people cope with this issue collectively and how is resistance mobilized? 


Climate change is interconnected with capitalism and its workings. What civic action is needed to stop the climate crisis and who are the driving actors behind? 

Human rights

Human rights are circumscribed under neoliberalism and need protection. How are activists involved in protecting the rights of women,  migrants or minorites and sustaining their engagement under hostile conditions? 


Global hunger is rising due to the climate crisis. Food sovereignty is a way of controlling and protecting access to food. How is it organized and sustained over time?

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