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We are looking for a postdoc researcher!

This post-doctoral research fellowship is funded by the Foundation for Baltic and East European Studies and is located within the research project: “Sustaining Civil Society in the Context of Multiple Crises: Hubs of Engagement in Central and Eastern Europe and Sweden”. The project is running between 2023 and 2028 and is located at the department of Social Work at the School of Social Sciences. The project consists of an international and transdisciplinary research team. The project includes Poland, Hungary, Romania, Serbia, Czechia, and Sweden, so we strongly recommend that your doctoral research has a geographical link to the Baltic Sea region and/or the post-communist area of Europe, and either offers a comparative approach or includes other countries in the region, that are not yet included in the project. We would like to encourage candidates who have knowledge and experience in using quantitative methods in studying digital data, e.g. social network analysis or social media analysis.

The duties of a postdoctoral research fellow primarily include research and taking part in the activities of the research group but may also include the development of research activities and participation in the academic community through assignments as reviewer, external expert and lecturer. Administrative duties may also occur (such as organisation of seminars, workshops and conferences, and planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of multidisciplinary research projects).


This position is full time and is limited to a period of 24 months. During this period, the position is fully funded. The salary is subject to an annual increase in accordance with university regulations. Start date as agreed.

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