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How to sustain care in polluted cities

Together with Roxana Oprea, Roma feminist activist and researcher from Bucharest, we have started a conversation about the role of care and care work in the profound spatial transformations of cities and the socio-ecological and economic changes of late capitalism.

We have answered the call for papers from Berliner Gazette on the topic of "Kin City" - which is "aimed at researchers, activists and cultural workers, who, in theory or practice, are engaged in emancipatory struggles, and seeks to forge links between them by interweaving urban and ecological issues within an expanded internationalist framework, taking into account class, decolonial and migration issues". We have tried to engage with the first topic of the call for papers, on "privatization vs. commoning of access to essential urban resources (from housing to water): Why can’t we avoid reclaiming the infrastructure of life from capital?".

They were so kind to publish our reflections and we thank them for this opportunity!

From our personal experiences, as well as from our activist experiences in Romania, we think that care is an essential resource, an infrastructure of life that capitalism is absorbing and that we need to reclaim. What will this reclaiming look like in a time of polluted living environments and polluted livelihoods, how will it extend to non-human species? We don’t know, so we’re not making any judgments or definitive statements. We just hope that this conversation will continue and grow – among us, our readers, and gradually many more, for the benefit of all our kin.

Read here our entire article, in English and in German.

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